Matrisys Soil Tester
Matrisys Soil Tester
Matrisys Soil Tester

Matrisys Soil Tester

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The Matrisys Soil Tester is a revolutionary device which accurately measures your soil's properties.

Now you can easily assess the health of your plants and set the optimal conditions for them to grow.

4 Parameters- The Matrisys uses the latest technology to test the pH level, temperature, humidity and sunlight exposure level of your soil.

Small Optimizations, Huge Improvements- Plants are sensitive organisms. Growing them in settings where either one of these 4 parameters are not optimal prevents faster and healthier growth.

Portable and Convenient- Designed for unlimited uses, the Matrysis can be used on every pot and patch of soil, indoors and outdoors.

5 Easy Steps:

  1. Insert a 9V battery.
  2. Wipe the tip of the probe clean.
  3. Select a sensor mode.
  4. Plug your Matrisys into soil and leave for 10 minutes.
  5. View the readings.

Please Note: The Matrisys can only be used in soil. Plugging it into pure liquid will not work as the probe contains 4 sensors for different parameters.


Power: 9V Battery (not included for transport safety)
Size: 2.3 x 12.2" / 5.8 x 31cm
Material: Metal, PU, Electrical Components