Legna Large Mouse Pad
Legna Large Mouse Pad
Legna Large Mouse Pad

Legna Large Mouse Pad

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This unique mouse pad looks wooden, but it's not. It only looks wooden because of our high-definition 3D design.

The Legna Mouse Pad is both aesthetic and functional. This premium mouse pad is large enough to fit everything on and is a great addition to any desk.

Does your mouse constantly slip towards the end of your regular mouse pad? The Legna's large size makes that a thing of the past. It will even prevent your keyboard from slipping around when in use. 

To top it all off, the Legna's bottom non-slip design secures the entire mouse pad firmly in place. It is even comfortable enough to rest your wrists on and adds to the overall aesthetics of your workspace.

Size: 80 x 30cm / 31.4 x 11.8"
Material: Top-grade Rubber